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1. Vaccination, on condition that people have a complete vaccination schedule
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3. A positive RT-PCR or antigenic test result showing recovery of Covid-19, at least 11 days old and less than 6 months old.

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* The Federal Council has extended free antigen tests until 10 October for everyone


International contemporary artfair
September 29 - October 02 - 2022

Opening times:
Thursday : 4pm - 10pm
Friday : 4pm - 10pm
Saturday : 11am - 8pm
Sunday : 11am - 7pm

Beaulieu Lausanne
Avenue Bergières 10
1004 Lausanne, Suisse

Bar / Restaurant


Smoking area


Dogs or pets are not allowed

Photos only allowed with exhibitor’s permission

Official opening

The official vernissage will happen at 6pm on thursday. So as to encourage discussion and allow favourites to start being chosen, each exhibitor will take care of its own vernissage on its booth.
At this event, a group of musicians will add their own sound colour to the fair throughout the evening. Jazz and swing will be on the menu and the watchword will be elegance.

Reminder: The vernissage is open to all visitors.

The concept

A selection of international art galleries invites us to discover the original works of established artists but also of young emerging talents.


The restaurant is a real convivial space in the heart of the exhibition. It welcomes the official opening in a jazzy atmosphere and offers, at any time, its gourmet suggestions

Art for all

Lausanne Art Fair is an audacious mix of art that is both a favourite and the most beautiful representation of contemporary artistic creation. Because the price of an artwork does not reflect the emotion it arouses, Lausanne Art Fair invites both neophytes and connoisseurs to discover an original artistic universe combining passion and relaxation.

Contemporary art

Our definition of contemporary art gets rid of discourse and symbolism in favour of living artists and the emotion their works arouse. The search for beauty, living art, the intelligence of the hand, emotion, aesthetics, this is what we claim and what we believe in!


Buy tickets online

The fair is open to everyone
The entrance is free of charge for kids (under 18) accompanied by one parent.
15 CHF early bird
20 CHF regular price 


The "Gallery ART FAIR" atmosphere in pictures:


Improve the visibility of your gallery, meet new clients, exhibit in a city where art is a part of the life of its inhabitants ...

Gallery ART FAIR 

From Belgium to Switzerland, thru France and Luxembourg, access to a wide market across Europe.

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